Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lost Kingdom of the Fairies in Cornwall, England and the Ohio Valley Sun Temples

Sacred Hilltops and Sun Temples of the Fairy Race in Corwall, England and the Ohio Valley

Sun Temple (Henge) in England was the abode of the fairy race.

There are ruined British antiquities whose builders are long forgotten, strange prehistoric circular sun-temples, crowning the hill tops, mysterious underground passageways, and crosses probably pre-Christian. Everywhere are the records of the mighty past of this thrice-holy Druid land of sunset. There are weird legends of the lost kingdom of the Fairies. Legends of Phoenician Amorites, who came for tin; legends of gods and of giants, of pixies and of fairies.

Hilltop, Sun Temple, (henge) at Mounds State Park that included caves and subterranean passageways. Is it by chance that fairies have been witnessed at this location?
But there in that most southern and western corner of the Isle of Britain, the Sacred Fires themselves still burn on the divine hill-tops, though smothered in the hearts of its children.  He looks upon cromlech and dolmen, upon ancient caves of initiation, and upon the graves of his prehistoric ancestors, and vaguely feels, but does not know, why his land is so holy, is so permeated by an indefinable magic; for he has lost his ancestral mystic touch with the unseen—he is ‘educated’ and ‘civilized’. 

Map map shows the bottom of the bluff below the Sun Temple complex at Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana. Is this where the fairies dwell?

The Cave entrance is still visible at the bottom of the bluff at Mounds State Park, directly below the Sun Temples.