Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Irish Celtic Mythological Cycle

The Irish Celtic Mythological Cycle
The Mythological Cycle comprises the following sections:
1. The coming of Partholan into Ireland.
2. The coming of Nemed into Ireland.
3. The coming of the Firbolgs into Ireland.
4. The invasion of the Tuatha De Danann, or People of the god Dana.
5. The invasion of the Milesians (Sons of Miled) from Spain, and their conquest of the People of Dana.
With the Milesians we begin to come into something resembling history—they represent, in Irish legend, the Celtic race; and from them the ruling families of Ireland are supposed to be descended. The People of Dana are evidently gods. The pre-Danaan settlers or invaders are huge phantom-like figures, which loom vaguely through the mists of tradition, and have little definite characterization. The accounts which are given of them are many and conflicting, and out of these we can only give here the more ancient narratives.
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Mythological cycle of the peopling of Ireland with the Misesian demi-gods.