Friday, August 2, 2013

Burial Mounds Where The Gods Worship, Haunt and Manifest as Fairies

Burial Mounds Where The Gods Worship and Manifest as Fairies

The legends were also aided by the old cult of the gods on heights, some of them sepulchral burial mounds, and now occasionally sites of Christian churches. The Irish god Cenn Crouch and his Welsh equivalent Penn Cruc, whose name survives in Pennocrucium, have names meaning "chief or head of the mound." Other mounds or hills had also a sacred character. Hence gods worshipped at mounds, dwelling or revealing themselves there, still lingered in the haunted spots; they became fairies, or were associated with the dead buried in the mounds, as fairies also have been, or were themselves thought to have died and been buried there. The haunting of the mounds by the old gods is seen in a prayer of S. Columba's, who begs God to dispel "this host (i.e. the old gods) around the cairns that reigned." An early MS also tells how the Milesians allotted the underground part of Erin to the Tuatha Déa who now retired within the hills; in other words, they were gods of the hills worshipped by the Milesians on hills.